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Locating and Acquiring your Records

In order for us to prepare your expungement case for filing; “you must prove your eligibility” and this will require you or us in acquiring the following information and records:

  1. The Date of your Arrest
  2. The Date of your Conviction “date you plead guilty in Court”; or the date you were found “Not Guilty” and the date your charges were “Dismissed”.
  3. The Statutes(s); Codes such as; 2C: 20-11 (Shoplifting) or 2C: 12-1A (Simple Assault)
  4. The original Complaint(s), Docket(s), Summons(s), Warrant(s), Indictments(s), Accusation(s) or State Grand Jury Summons number(s)
  5. The Final Punishment, Disposition and Fines you received.

The type of records you will need to acquire, that will have the above stated information depends upon the type of Court where your case was disposed of. We have tried to simplify where you can get your record(s) and the type of record(s) below. Anytime you are requesting your records please contact the Courts first, many Courts require advanced notice to prepare your documents.

Record Type (1):    Certified Disposition Record 

This type of record will be acquired from a Municipal Court. If your case was disposed of in a Municipal Court, then what you will need to do is; Contact the Municipal Court and request your Certified Disposition Record. Some Municipal Courts will type up a single page disposition record for you, having all your case information which is certified by the Court. Some Municipal Courts will give you a certified computer printout of your case information.

Record Type (2):  Judgment of Conviction or “JOC”

This type of record will be acquired from the County Superior Court. If your case was disposed of in a County Superior Court, then what you will need to do is; Contact the Criminal Records office at the County Superior Court and request your certified Judgment of Conviction or “JOC”. This record is usually a double sided page with your full case disposition information.

Record Type (3):  Diversionary Programs “Probation, Pretrial Intervention-PTI, Supervisory Treatment, Conditional Discharge or any other type of programs”  

This type of record will be acquired from the County Probation Division. If you have ever been given any kind of diversionary program with your case, then what you need to do is; Contact your County Probation Division and ask for your certified disposition of the specific program that you completed. This record is usually a single page disposition record of your program. It will include the date you started the program, the amount of time you completed, your completion date and if you completed your program successfully.

Record Type (4):  Criminal History Background Check from the “New Jersey Division of State Police”

To get yourself fingerprinted and request your full “Rap Sheet” called the “Criminal History Background Check” from the New Jersey State Police Division. It is not difficult to get your fingerprints and request your full record. The state of New Jersey has made the process very easy. Please call our firm we will complete the full application, schedule the appointment and center. We will then email all the information to you ready to go to get your Fingerprint done – Simple and Easy. “Call Us” (201) 815-4448. – Expunge New Jersey -

Let us acquire your records – Criminal History Background

The Law Offices of Gerald S. Rotunda for those clients who wish for us to get your disposition record(s) only, will acquire your records for the fee of;

  • $100.00 for “Municipal Court Dispositions”
  • $100.00 for “Diversionary Program Records from the Probation Department”
  • $200.00 for “Superior Court Dispositions” such as “Judgement of Convictions”, “Indictments”, e.t.c.

We can generally get your records very quickly, in most cases within a one week time period or less due to our knowledge and experience with many of the agencies in the state of New Jersey.

We can only acquire disposition record(s) for our clients.

Clients who want their Criminal Background History Checks from the New Jersey State Police Division must still complete the online application and appointment and do that themselves.

We can not order a Criminal Background History Check for clients. -Expunge New Jersey – Getting Your Records -